K-12 Tutoring

Miranda Tutoring Centre is focused on providing a tailored individual tutoring service  and small groups(2-5) are also available.  We provide tutoring for students pre K-12 and specific adult learning tuition .


Our centre specialises in the following tutoring services and subjects:

  • School readiness program

  • Primary Stage 1 – 3

          Narrative and persuasive writing techniques

          Reading and Comprehension Skills           Grammar and punctuation          Spelling development

          Numeracy including all mathematical concepts


  • Homework help and catch up lesson

  • Holiday classes including Naplan Preparation and Computer Coding Courses

  • HSC Exam  Preparation Course

  • Mathematics

Stage 4 – Mathematics

Stage 5 – Mathematics Pathway 5.1, 5.2, 5.3

Stage 6 – Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2 and Mathematics Standard 1 & Standard 2


  • English

Stage 4 – English

Stage 5 – English

Stage 6 – English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Standard and English Studies


  • Science

Stage 4 – Science

Stage 5 – Science

Stage 6 – Biology, Chemistry and Physics


The individual tuition programs offered at Miranda is an ideal way to revise, consolidate and extend knowledge and learning.






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