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Our team of highly skilled tutors are here to assist your child to achieve their goals.Our team of highly skilled personal tutors will help you or your child to achieve goals and build a strong foundation for future learning and development. Our focus is to match the best possible tutor with your child’s requirements in order for your child to gain the most from each tutoring session.

All our sessions are ONE to ONE only so your child gets 100% of the tutor’s attention. This not only helps them learn faster, it grows their confidence which is the basis for many of our student’s improvement. We find that confidence is key to success at school and in life. Many children find learning in a classroom difficult. Answering questions in front of a class can be daunting and fear of making a mistake and being ridiculed can be student’s No.1 fear. Our tutors are all aware of these issues faced by students at school, and they work closely with them to address these key areas.

Our One on One Tutoring:
  • Promotes learning
  • Makes Learning easier and more enjoyable
  • Develops strong study habits
  • Raises academic performance
  • Increases confidence and motivation

Why Us?

We screen all of our tutors in order to offer a consistent and excellent service
Tutoring is done in our centre so that your child is focused and not un-distracted
We offer flat rate pricing with no lock-in contracts or hidden fees
We accept multiple payment methods including EFT, major credit cards or direct debit
Our office is staffed 5 days a week so you can contact us quickly with any queries
Programs are catered to primary, high school and university-level students in all core disciplines.
We offer assistance for entrance exams, NAPLAN, aptitude testing, GAMSAT, UMAT and professional development.

Talk to us on 9531 6222 now to get make this your best year!

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